On 1 June 2021 NuReDrain organises its final conference webinar. This webinar is the ideal opportunity for stakeholders and other interested parties to discover all the project field tests results, the modelling work on the nutrient reduction potential for end-of-pipe solutions and our latest insights on the potential phosphorus recovery and reuse.

Filter systems for nutrient removal from agricultural waters


  • 10h00: Setting the scene about nutrient excess in European waters: the origin, the problem and a solution Stefaan De Neve (Ghent University)
PART I : Phosphate removal from drainage water
  • 10h10: Low cost filterbox to adsorb dissolved phosphates: case study Belgium – Hui Xu (Ghent University)
  • 10h20: Sediment and reactive filter to remove particulate and dissolved phosphates: case study Denmark – Lorenzo Pugliese (Arhus University)
  • 10h30: Inline P filter to adsorb dissolved phosphates and to deal with amorphous substances – case study Germany – Kristine Bolte (Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen)
  • 10h40: Q & A
PART II : Nitrate removal from drainage water and greenhouse effluent
  • 10h50: Moving Bed BioReactor for greenhouse effluent and drainage water: case study Belgium (KU Leuven)
  • 11h00: Zero Valent Iron filter to remove nitrates and phosphates from drainage water: case study Denmark (Copenhagen University)
  • 11h10: Moving Bed BioReactor and constructed wetland for drainage water: case study Belgium (Inagro)
  • 11h20: Q & A
PART III : The bumpy road of phosphate recovery and reuse
  • 11h30: Reuse of saturated filter materials as fertilizer for ornamentals and vegetables - Els Pauwels (PCS Ornamental Plant Research)
  • 11h40: Recovery of phosphorus by chemical treatment – Nico Lambert (KU Leuven)
  • 11h50: Q & A
PART IV : Nutrient removal modelling
  • 12h00: Nutrient reduction potential using end-of-pipe solutions for an entire catchment– Andreas Bauwe (Rostock University)
  • 12h10: Cost-effectiveness of the filters and the farmers’ opinion – Charlotte Boeckaert (VITO)
  • 12h15: Closure of the webinar, open Q & A session, videos of the filter systems


dinsdag 1 juni 2021
Online event
Free event
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