The field of rearing insects for human food and animal feed is new and exciting. There are many challenges in bringing insects on the market. How can we rear insects in a sustainable way with low environmental impact and contributing to a circular economy? What type of production design and facilities are needed to farm and process insects in an optimal way? Is it economically interesting solution? Together you explore this new alternative protein source that can play a major role in making the food chain circular and be part of solving the world food problem.

Online Summer School: Insects as Food and Feed, from producing to consuming

Within 40 hours this online Summer School will guide you through the many interesting facets of insects as food and feed. The first live kick-off and Q&A session is on Monday 21 June in the afternoon, from then onwards you have access to the learning materials. In total 8 live online Q&A sessions with

subject matter experts are scheduled on week days. These sessions start between 15.00-16.00 hrs and last appr. 60-90 minutes. The Q&A sessions are recorded and can be watched later. All times are scheduled in Amsterdam time zone.

Course topics

Week 1: Monday 21 June - Sunday 27 June 2021


  • Ecosystem services and environment
    Potential of insects for humanity and environmental effects
  • Insect’s welfare & health
    Maintaining a healthy colony
  • Insects as feed
    Bio-waste, processing, nutritional value & functional properties
  • Insect rearing, insects as bio-chemical source, insects research from Thomas More University of Applied Sciences and University of Leuven, Belgium
    Presentation Inagro’s Insects Research Centre (IRC)
  • Ento-technology
    Production, technology and design incl. processing
  • 4 live Q&A sessions on week days


Week 2: Monday 28 June - Friday 2 July 2021


  • Special production systems
    Black soldier fly
  • Nutrients and food technology
    Content of insects,processing and conservation
  • Food safety & legislation
  • Consumer attitudes & marketing
  • Outreach
    Challenges for companies dealing with edible insects
  • 4 live Q&A sessions on week days
  • Group work & presentations
  • Evaluation & certificates


maandag 21 juni 2021
This online programme is designed for everybody with an interest in insects as food and feed. Professional from both the private sector and the public sector are welcome as well as academics.
The course fee is € 1,450.- per person and gives you 2 months access to the online course content. The course fee includes a copy of the book Insects as food and feed: from production to consumption. For PhD students we offer a reduced course fee of €950.
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