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Mia Demeulemeester, 27 jun 2011

The Provincial Research and Information Centre for Agriculture and Horticulture (POVLT) and its non-profit organizations merged into an external autonomous agency (EAA) of the Province West Flanders and was named ‘inagro’. The unified structure ensures an even better service to the agricultural and horticultural sectors.
The POVLT in Beitem exists since 1956. Through he years, complementary to the provincial core, non-profit organizations established within the various sectors. This allowed the POVLT to achieve several recognitions in Flanders. The POVLT and its non-profit organizations also designed a large project working.

In January 2011 the provincial council decided to establish a new structure. This new structure would meet the provincial decree of December 9, 2005 while ensuring an efficient, transparent operation with maximum strength. An external autonomous agency (EAA) with private judicial status (‘inagro’) obeys this. ‘Inagro’ is the first EAA that is established by a county. Henceforth, the agreements between the province and ‘inagro’ are put down in a cooperation agreement. ‘Inagro’ is and remains closely linked to the province, which is also obvious in the new logo. In the new corporate identity, the little root structure refers to the mission of ‘inagro’: research & consultancy in agriculture and horticulture. Even during the transition from POVLT to 'inagro’ they symbolize: same roots, new name.

Henceforth, ‘inagro’ with its 168 employees will serve you. You can find the broad range of activities of 'inagro’ at this website. We invite you to respond to our operation. Thus, an interesting exchange may occur. ​